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The exploration & battle of cafe chains

F&B market are experiencing a significant exploration in the increase of cafe chains number. The estimation of Euromonitor illustrates that there are about 26.000 Cafe stores in Vietnam in 2015, in which stores of cafe chains accounted for about approximately 2% and this number is predicting to increase rapidly in next years. With the growth rate reached 7% per year, this market is very potential for both big companies and startup businesses. Some striking F&B brands that are agitating and making a battle in this market including Starbuck, Trung Nguyen Coffee, The Coffee House, Phuc Long Coffee & Tea Express, MOF, Urban Station, and so on. The most out standing battles are between Starbuck and Trung Nguyen Coffee, The Coffee House and Phúc Long Coffee & Tea Express.

However, these brands are focusing on from middle to high class customer segmentation rather than serving to low income people. This is also a reason why this Market are undergoing an intense competition from small chains of traditional coffee and fast food. With the competitive edges of convenience and delivery time for taking-away products,  these stores is very easy to scale and prevail in many part of big cities. Continuously following the report of Euromonitor in comparsion to present market view, F&B market is still continuous on the grow as a trend in 2017


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