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Potential market of Sharing Economy in Vietnam

With a GDP per capita of 2,111 USD (2015 data, the World Bank), Vietnamese tend to find more economical ways of expenditure in both daily lives to doing businesses. In this circumstance, many businesses started to explore sharing economy opportunities to catch this insight as a consequence.
According to AC Nielsen research, the rate of respondents who like using shared products or services accounting for more than 76%. This number makes a clue on a whole new market. As reported by Uber Vietnam, the number of customers usually using Uber in Ha Noi and HoChiMinh City reached 300.000 in 3 recent months. The co-working space such as Dreamplex, Saigon Co-working, Timo, Big Work HCM… are expanding their facilities at rocket speed filling the needs from start-ups. There are various fields in Vietnam are open to this model, such as sharing houses, trips, fashion items, cameras, motobikes, laptops, or other eletronic devices. Those facts partly reveal the game changing factors to Vietnamese consumers and businesses over traditional business models, as well as new opportunities to start entering the smarter market to foreign investors.


(BSSC – Business startup support centre)

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