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Vietnam organic food market on the growth

These days, Vietnamese people live in a quest of doubting and verifying the origin of food products, especially fresh food. While traditional channel such as markets and on-the-go shops offer unclear information, the vast number of products from supermarkets are marked with vague “safe food” rather than Viet GAPs, Global GAPs or Organic standards.

According to VnExpress research, there are about 300 kinds of organic products selling in organic stores at HoChiMinh city. Some emerging brands that many people now believes in are The Fifth Elements, 3Sach, Organik, Organicam, Hoasuafood, Vuonque… While the GAPs standards are now spoiled by unethical retailers, buyers tend to find trustable shops that they can track plant source and product quality. Although the price of these products is about five-fold its normal price in supermarkets but practically buyers have to order in advance if they would like to buy. Vietnamses demand for organic or high-quality foods is now very high in upper classes segmentation.

Nowadays, there are many entrepreneurs allocating a majority of time on researching and planting organic food. Nevertheless, they have to face to a strong competition from big corporations which are strongly invest to this field, such as VinGroup, HoaPhat, Seedcom, Vinamilk, Hoang Anh Gia Lai Group,… Besides, Japanese companies who invested into this potential market is now raising with names such as Nikko Foods,  Shudensha, Kato Corporation…


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